Cult Australian three-piece Storytime earned their place as legends on the west coast throughout the ’90s, captivating a generation with dark, multi-dimensional instrumentals. They are a hub of creativity and sonic freedom earning them 5 WAMI awards, including best guitarist. Setting the imagination ablaze with a combination of beautiful melodies, irresistible grooves and simple evocative titles; a Storytime song could teleport itself from Pink Floyd-like ambience to an indescribable musical futurism in the blink of an eye. The band’s unique brand of cinematic instrumentals was embraced by the surf community on a global scale: featuring on more surf movies in the ’90s than any other band on the planet. And then, after just three albums, Storytime were gone.

Reuniting in 2016 – and featuring the original lineup of Ben Frichot on guitar, Sid Sanbrook on bass and Simon Cribb on drums – Storytime will be joining New Zealand’s Shihad for a tour this June. Storytime will be performing songs from Crystal Journeys and The Puzzleman plus some new tunes to be unveiled along the way. The band’s guitarist, multi award-winning musician and artist Ben Frichot, says the trio are excited about the reunion and the band have picked up right where they left off. “We are buzzing with energy and new ideas so fans can certainly expect the authentic fired up Storytime experience.”


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